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Get Set!

Harborough Museum is one of the participants in Leicestershire County Council’s Get Set! Initiative which develops voluntary work placements for young people across the Council’s departments. These placements help young people to demonstrate suitable skills to potential employers and help them compete in the current job market.

Each young person is supported by a mentor whose role is to provide structured, positive work experience based on their individual needs.

Harborough Museum ‘Get Setters’ have gained experience in displays and exhibitions, trails and information, answering enquiries, museum and collections conservation and organisation and management of local history resources.

“My work experience placement at Harborough Museum has helped me to build the experience I needed to successfully secure work. My time there enabled me to broaden my skills and experience and has given me new skills I otherwise wouldn’t have had.” – James Scarborough, ‘Get Setter’ at Harborough Museum

By the end of their placement ‘Get Setters’ will have gained several months of real work experience and been supported in their personal and professional development.

Click here if you think that you or someone you know might benefit from a Get Set placement at the museum, or in another County Council department.

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