Harborough Museum
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The Harborough Museum Partnership

Harborough Museum is a partnership between Leicestershire County Council, Harborough District Council and Market Harborough Historical Society. Its refurbishment in 2014 was made possible by the support of the Market Harborough and the Bowdens Charity.

The wonderful collection of antiquities and curiosities owned by the Market Harborough Historical Society (formed in 1931 as the Market Harborough Archaeological and Historical Society) is the foundation of the Harborough Museum collection, which is curated and managed by Leicestershire County Council. Harborough District Council provide the space for the museum within The Symington Building and support the museum with activity funding.

The museum is governed by a steering group of representatives from each of the partnership organisations.

The work of the museum is further supported by the Friends of Harborough Museum, who give their time voluntarily.

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