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Anglo-Saxon brooch

Anglo-Saxon brooch

This Anglo-Saxon brooch, discovered by Channel 4’s Time Team, is part of a collection of Anglo-Saxon grave goods from West Langton. A group of burials were found and whilst the occupants had long-since turned to dust, a fabulous selection of possessions dating from the 6th century AD survived. Items displayed include an amber and glass bead necklace, bronze cruciform brooches and a silver-gilt equal arm brooch, hinting at high-status inhabitants in the area 1,500 years ago.

Ornate belongings such as this brooch were unearthed in a block of soil, where they were carefully excavated and x-rayed to determine their present condition. The brooch had unfortunately separated into 17 pieces however its shape and style was evident. It was also evident that it had been well-loved and well-worn by its owner due to certain areas having worn away which would explain why it was buried with them. Anglo-Saxons, particularly of high importance, were often buried with their most significant possessions as it was widely believed that they would need things to take with them to the afterlife.

The brooch was meticulously pieced back together and can now be seen in all its original glory.

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