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Hallaton Treasure

One of the most important Iron Age discoveries in Britain

In 2000 metal detectorist, Ken Wallace, and other volunteers from the Hallaton Fieldwork Group made a discovery in a field outside their village in Southeast Leicestershire. This included Iron Age coins, classed as treasure by archaeologists, and Roman pottery.

Along with the Hallaton Fieldwork group, The University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) began excavating what turned out to be one of the most important Iron Age sites in Britain. They discovered over 5,000 glittering coins, mysterious offerings and a beautiful and unique 1st century Roman cavalry helmet.

You can see the riches of the Hallaton hoard in the Treasure Gallery at Harborough Museum. This was made by possible by a series of Funding and Partnerships. To find out more about treasure, visit the Portable Antiquities Scheme website.

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