Frequently asked questions

This page contains information about your visit and frequently asked questions.

How long should I allow for my visit?

Can I bring in something to give to the museum?

We are accepting donations of objects. You can complete a contact form with information about the object on our Add to the collections page. We will do our best to let you know if we would like to accept it into the collections.

Will there be catering facilities available?

Yes, the ground floor Insomnia Café in The Symington Building is open and there are many cafes nearby.

Do you have any information about accessibility and the museum?

Yes, you can check our Accessibility Guide which contains more information about finding the museum, and what to expect inside such as sounds and light levels.

Are dogs allowed in the museum?

Only assistance dogs are allowed in the museum.

Can I take photographs?

You are welcome to take photographs in the museum for personal use, or for your research. If you would like to film in the museum, or take photographs for commercial purposes, please contact us first.