Harborough Museum
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Our displays focus on the historic and recent communities who have shaped the story of Market Harborough and its surroundings through the themes of:

The Market Harborough Historical Society’s wonderful collection of curiosities has dedicated displays including Ancient Egyptian pottery, a Mastodon tooth and the evocative drummer boy’s jacket of the Market Harborough Volunteers, 1806.

The internationally-important Hallaton Treasure is showcased in the museum. Found in 2000 by metal detectorist Ken Wallace and the Hallaton Fieldwork Group, the Treasure Gallery contains over 2,500 glittering coins, mysterious offerings and a beautiful and unique 1st century Roman cavalry helmet.

A series of regularly-changing display and exhibition spaces allow us to focus on key events and personalities, particular places, objects and stories from our own collections and exhibitions created by local communities, groups, societies and schools and colleges.

There are other fascinating objects displayed throughout the first floor including specially-themed displays for younger visitors in The Story Place.

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