Mysterious guardians

Mysterious guardians is part of the following collections: The Hallaton Treasure.

Thousands of bones were discovered by the archaeologists working at the Hallaton shrine.

Most of the remains were pig bones, possibly the remnants of great feasts, held during the AD 30s. Other bones come from domesticated animals such as sheep and cattle. Only one human bone was found at the site.

The remains of three dogs were also found. The dogs were probably buried to act as spiritual guardians of the shrine and its treasures. You can see the remains of one of the dogs at Harborough Museum.


Hallaton Dogs Illustration 1 Aspect Ratio 650 517

Hallaton dogs

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Dog Bones Measuring Stick 1 Aspect Ratio 650 517

Dog bones

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Illustration Of Man And Dog Aspect Ratio 650 517

Spirit guardians

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Pig Bones Aspect Ratio 650 517

The pigs

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Illustration Of Feasting Aspect Ratio 650 517

Feasting and sacrifice

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Tamworth Wildboar Cross 1 Aspect Ratio 650 517

Iron Age pigs

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Right Foreleg Bones Aspect Ratio 650 517

Missing legs

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Human Bone Aspect Ratio 650 517

Human bone

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