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This week we have a combo of one of our favourite objects, and how it links to our current exhibition ‘Harborough at Work’.

Our current exhibition, ‘Harborough at Work’ is a family friendly exhibition looking at the Ladybird Books series ‘People at Work’.

These books were first published over 60 years ago, when jobs and what people thought about them were different. Interviews with present-day nurses, posties, fire fighters and nurses shows how the jobs have changed. Original illustrations and museum objects are  joined by local community portrait photos and stories.

A poster with illustrations of people dressed for jobs including Doctor and postie with the words 'Art Mural - Take Part' below

A creative response to the exhibition co-curated with the local community will also be displayed from September. If you would like to get involved with the creative response, why not join one of the painting workshops in early July.

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One of the fascinating objects we have on permanent display, and which makes an appearance in ‘Harborough at Work’ is a local fire brigade helmet from the turn of the 20th century. This looks totally different to the kind of helmet you’d expect to see a fire fighter wear today, read more on our collections page.

Fire Brigade helmet


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